2023 All Japan Rally Championship Round 4 Kumakogen Rally held!

イメージ画像Round 4 of the 2023 All Japan Rally Championship, the Kumakogen Rally, was held in Ehime Prefecture from May 5th (Friday) to 7th (Sunday).

The Kumakogen Rally was held just three weeks after the previous round, but it was held with spectators for the first time in four years.

The rally was dry and wet with a total distance of 271.29km and 8 special stages on tarmac.

SUBARU WRX Rally Challenge of JN1 class Takuma Kamata/Yuichi Matsumoto finished 3rd in class in the battle of altitude 1000m.

In the JN3 class, Takahito Sone/Shizuka Takehara won 2nd place, and Kiyoshi Yamaguchi/Kosuke Maruyama won 3rd place.

The race results of the WORK WHEELS-equipped players at the Kumakogen Rally are as follows.

JN1 class
Takuma Kamata/Yuichi Matsumoto SUBARU WRX Rally Challenge Class 3rd Overall 3rd
Toshihiro Arai/Takahiro Yasui SUBARU WRX Rally Challenge 5th in class 7th overall

JN3 class
Takahito Sone/Shizuka Takehara P.MU☆DL☆INGING GR86 2nd in class 13th overall
Kiyoshi Yamaguchi/Kosuke Maruyama Enapetal ADVAN Hisoki GR86 3rd in class 16th overall

JN5 class
Satoshi Okura/Koji Toyoda AISIN GR Yaris CVT R

The next race is YUHO RALLY Tango, which will be held from June 9th.
Everyone, please support Rally and WORK WHEELS.
Thank you.

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