Wheels make vehicles look totally different,sometimes sporty,sometimes elegant and sometimes gorgeous…

Wheels are the most important component in that they determine the category of your car.
Our ultimate goal as a wheel manufacturer is to supply customer’s needs,whatever they might be.

With our specialized knowledge and many years of experience,we are quite confident about designing the wheels customers really desire.
For example,
we developed technology to construct multi-piece wheels such as 2pc and 3pc wheels.
This technology could not have been obtained without amazing craftsmanship and long time experience that our staff possesses.
We take pride in establishing a system that realizes more precise settings with a variety of offsets and rims to fit a fender perfectly and that makes customers have dreamed of more graphic and embodied.
We can also offer custom wheel colors and P.C.D.,which respond to various needs of rapidly changing market.
We are the ultimate source for custom wheels.
We have the strong conviction that our newest cutting edge engineering and technology realize your dreams.