All Japan Rally Championship Tour de Kyushu in Karatsu Wins 3 classes 4 class series champion!

イメージ画像At the All Japan Rally Tour de Kyushu in Karatsu, which was held from November 27th to 28th, the JN1 class, JN2 class, and JN3 class workwheel-equipped athletes won the championship, and it was the final race suitable for decorating the final beauty.

With the Tour de Kyushu in Karatsu, this season was the final race, and this was the biggest rally to be decided by the series champion, and the attention GR Yaris also participated in two races.
Among them, JN1 class Daiki Arai / Noritaka Kosaka won the overall victory!
Won the first annual championship.
Also in other classes, we won the annual championship in JN2, JN3 and JN4!

Players with work wheels in each class
JN1 class
Daiki Arai / Noritaka Kosaka (WRX STI) MCO-TA 1885 Class 1st Series Champion
Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka (WRX STI) MCO-TA 1885 4th in class
Takuma Kamada / Yu Suzuki (WRX STI) MCO-TA 1885 Class 9th
* 9 cars participating

JN2 class
Katsuya Nakahira / Satoshi Gyotoku (86 R3) MCO-TA 1770 Class 1st Series Champion
* 4 cars participating

JN3 class
Takahito Sone / Shizuka Takehara (86) MCO-TA 1770 Class 1st Series Champion
Genki Takeuchi / Satoshi Kimura (BRZ) MCO-TA 1775 Class 2nd
Katsuhiko Tsutsui / Yuichi Matsumoto (86) MCO-TA 1770 4th in class
Kiyoji Yamaguchi / Kosuke Maruyama (86) MCO-TA 1775 5th in class
Takahiro Suzuki / Norimasa Yamagishi (BRZ) MCO-TA 1775 Class 6th
* 9 cars participating

JN4 class
Hiroshi Furukawa / Sachiko Hirota (Swift) MCO-CS 1670 6th in class Series Champion
* 8 cars participating

JN5 class
Koichi Okada / Kazuki Ishida (Demio) MCO-CS (1670) 3rd in class
* 13 cars participating

This year's All Japan Rally Championship is over.
Although various race situations have changed completely due to the Corona sickness, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the participating athletes and everyone, we have been able to give the athletes with work wheels a place to play an active role, such as winning four classes of series champions. ..
Thank you to everyone.
I look forward to working with you next year.

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