2023 JAF Cup All Japan Dirt Trial Won in 4 classes for 2nd consecutive year

イメージ画像The 2023 JAF Cup All Japan Dirt Trial was held from November 4th to 5th at Ebisu Circuit.

There were 17 participants wearing WORK WHEELS, and they won in 4 classes, the same as last year!

The Kasai couple won the WOMEN class and the PNE1 class, and the PNE1 class also showed its strength in the all-star competition, with the top four places being dominated by athletes wearing WORK WHEELS.
Furthermore, Yoshihiro Tsuruoka won the PN2 class, and Jinto Yamazaki won the SC1 class.

Below are the results of athletes wearing WORK WHEELS.

WOMAN class
Winner: Fumie Kasai YH☆ATS Swift @RSK

PNE1 class
Winner: Nobuhiko Kasai, YHGC ATS Swift RSK
2nd place Masato Suzuki Smash SRP33 Swift
3rd place Noir Shigeo ADS☆VTX☆DL☆Swift
4th place Yasuhiro Yamabe Smash WM SRP Swift

PN1 class
4th place Ryu Sato DIVAS Cerameta YH Swift
6th place Eiichi Kitahara YH TEIN FT Cerameta Note

PN2 class
Winner Yoshihiro Tsuruoka S・DL・Cusco・WM Swift
3rd place Takayasu Nakajima DL Lebros TEIN☆Swift
4th place Satoshi Osuga DL Cusco☆2&4DH Swift

PN3 class
7th place Takayuki Koseki DL・KIT・BRZ-AT

N class
4th place Hiroyuki Yamoto Kappa ZEAL Yakko YH Lancer
9th place Tomohiro Miwa MJT Higuchi Acupuncture DL Terakatsu Lancer
11th place Fumio Kawata DL ZEAL GR Yaris

SA1 class
5th place Satoru Wada ZEUS Pao Action Swift

SC1 class
Winner Jinto Yamazaki YH Max Genshin Mirage

SC2 class
6th place Yoshinori Kumakawa Zappa-DL Wako's Lancer

*All racers are equipped with WORK M.C.O RACING type GV wheels.

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