All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 5 2022 Tohoku Dirt Trial IN KIRIYANAI 3 Class Winner!

イメージ画像2022 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 5-2022 Tohoku Dirt Trial IN KIRIYANAI was held on June 19th in Circuit Park Kiriyanai.
A total of 126 cars in all classes fought a fierce battle in Tohoku.

WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP 2022 20 of them are entry users.

Shigeo Nobunobu of the JD11 class won his fourth victory and has already become the season champion!

JD3 class Kazuya Sakata won the championship for the third time this season!

Takuma Kamada of the JD1 class also won the championship for the second time!

Also, a large number of WORK support players have achieved excellent results.

Tohoku Dirt Trial IN KIRIYANAI WORK WHEELS This is a class-specific result for drivers equipped with the KIRIYANAI WORK WHEELS.

JD11 class
Winner Nobuo Shigeo ADS ☆ VTX ☆ DL ☆ Swift
3rd place Hideaki Sato DL / KIT / BRZ-AT
4th place Shin Terada T Garage ★ DL Cusco Wm86
6th place Mitsuki Terada FKS Cusco WmDLT Galle 86
7th place Yuki Odagiri DL / KIT / BRZ-AT

JD9 class
6th place Hideki Kawashima DL ☆ Tein ☆ BRIG ☆ Yaris
14th place Eiichi Kitahara YH Tein FT ☆ PD Note

JD8 class
4th place Yoshihiro Tsuruoka S ・ DL ・ Cusco ・ WM Swift

JD7 class
3rd place Makoto Urakami DL Cusco WMMSP Okuyama 86
4th place Masaru Sakiyama DL ☆ Frill shark ☆ Mechanica 86
6th place Takayuki Ozeki DL / KIT / BRZ-AT
7th place Kei Yumoto KYB rental BRZ2000
8th place Tomohiro Ueno DL Okuyama T Galle GR Nara 86
9th place Umi Ryomoto One's Turn SPM86
14th place Takaaki Sakurai Brid DL Work TGGR86

JD6 class
6th place Hiroyuki Yamoto Kappa ZEAL Yacco YH Lancer
8th place Akihisa Kakumina Aion DL Lancer
13th place Tomio Kawada DL ZEAL Yaris GR4
19th place Ryuichi Hamaguchi Work DL Takumi WM Yaris

JD5 class
5th place Kasai Catherine Nobuhiko YH Garage Chronos MR2 Speed

JD3 class
Winner Kazuya Sakata itzzDL Global Axela
3rd place Jinto Yamazaki YH Max Genshin Mirage

JD2 class
2nd place Ryo Meguro Cusco DL Global Lancer

JD1 class
Winner Takuma Kamada itzz Okuyama DL Kurihara BRZ
6th place Katsuhiko Taguchi HKS ・ YH ・ Tein Fiesta

* Wheels installed by all runners are WORK M.C.O RACING type GV

The next round will be held at Auto Park Imajo Super Trial in Imajo will be held from September 3rd to 4th.
Thank you for your support.

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