Shinshiro Rally 2021 10 pairs on the podium!

イメージ画像The second round of the All Japan Rally Championship, Shinshiro Rally 2021, was held from March 19th to 21st.
Unfortunately, the first round was canceled, so the Shinshiro Rally, which was virtually the first round of the year, was held with six special stages, tarmac, and no spectators.

This year as well, WORK is holding a scholarship, and many participants also participated in the Shinshiro Rally. Many WORK-equipped players went up the podium brilliantly.

In the JN1 class, GR Yaris and others will be the eyes of this year's typhoon, and while further fierce battles are expected, Toshihiro Arai / Naoya Tanaka won the championship, and Hiroki Arai / Noritaka Kosaka took the podium in 2nd place. It was.

In the JN2 class, while various machines such as CS-R3 entered, Heikki Kovalainen / Sai Kitagawa won the podium, Hironao Ishii / Noriko Takeshita took second, and Katsuya Nakahira / Satoshi Gyotoku took third. Exclusive.

In the JN3 class, after a fierce battle of 86 & BRZ teams, Takahiro Suzuki / Noriyuki Yamagishi won the championship, Takahito Sone / Shizuka Takehara took 2nd place, Genki Takeuchi / Satoshi Kimura took 3rd place, and the podium was monopolized in the JN3 class.

In the JN4 class, Hiroshi Sudo / Sachiko Hirota took the podium in 2nd place while the Swift sports team was raging.

In the JN6 class, Kosuke Murata / Madoka Umemoto driving the GR Yaris went to the podium in 3rd place.

It's great that so many players are on the podium, but I'm grateful for the fact that it was held during the Corona War and for the many players who participated.
Thank you very much.

The next round, Karatsu, will be held from April 9th ​​to April 11th.
Thank you for your support.

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