DIRT TRIAL M.S.C MONZEN N2 class champion!

イメージ画像March 29, Dirt Trial Championship M.S.C MONZEN was held at Monzen Motor Sports Park in Wajima City.

In the dirt trial races other than Japan, which is called the regional competition this season, the number of participants in the Chubu seems to be the largest, and there were about 90 entries this day as well.

Until the event, the news of the new coronavirus was strong, and it was not an easy event. However, measures were taken for distances between players, disinfection with alcohol, and various places.

In the work motorsports scholarship 2020, there are multiple entry players in the Chubu area match, and both of the two players (Aion DL Lancer) who are participating in the N2 class who are also entering Japan at the same time in the first match are both top time. Won.

We'd like to introduce comments from the winner, Sumikami.
"Because the front course is a good course, I was able to run with confidence.
The course layout this time was a basic course, so there were minor mistakes,
I am glad that I managed to win the first match.
I will do my best to win in the future, so please support me.
Thank you very much this time. 』

In addition, I have introduced work wheels from this time, and they have received comments.
"This is the first time that we have put in practice beforehand, but we were able to use the wheel without discomfort. The inset and rim widths are abundant, and the setting width is also attractive. I think that one of the important options is that the cost is kept low. 』

It was a really good run with a sense of stability.
Congratulations on the first game champion!

We hope you will continue to support work wheels that support motor sports.

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