Scholarship player wins All Japan Dirt Trial Opening Class 4!

イメージ画像The All Japan Dirt Trial Championship FORTEC CUP 2020 in KYOTO will be held from March 14 (Saturday) to 15 (Sunday) 2020, the first match of the season.

Unfortunately, this event was held with no spectators due to measures to prevent new corona infection.
In the first round, 15 work motorsports scholarship entry players participated.
Among them, winners were born in four classes, and comments were received from each player.

PN1 class Ueno
“This is a work product that is reliable in the rigidity and durability of the wheel, and was able to win the race without worrying about the second rough road surface.”

N-class Yamoto
“The road surface is flat, but there were places where it was dug up and some stones appeared. The high rigidity of the WORK wheel allows you to jump into the corner without hesitation, and you can feel the information directly from the road surface, which I think has led to the victory. 』

SA1 class Kasai Katherine Nobuhiko
"It was very difficult to select tires. The road surface was super hard dirt, but the temperature and the road surface temperature were low and I could gamble a little to use super dry tires. A good time came out thanks to the WORK wheels, which are hard to fall off the rim and were able to drastically lower the tire pressure and heat the tires. 』

SC1 class Noshinobu player
[On the road this time, the public practice on Saturday was rainy, the final Sunday was cloudy and sunny, and the road changed from wet to dry every moment. As usual, I was able to step on the accelerator without any tire trouble such as bursting. In the SC1 class that I participate in, it is 150 hp per wheel with FF high power vehicles. Especially when it is dry, you may worry about the gap between the wheel and the tire, but the WORK MCO gravel wheel is knurled and you do not know the gap at all. In addition, the rim has a shape that is difficult to burst, and the gap is safe.
How do you run on dry roads that you were not good at for the opening game this time? How do you move the car, especially the rear, to bring out the high power FF? In consideration of this, the spring was changed from normal shape to straight winding. Adjusted in a test that was only done for one day, the rear could be moved significantly first. Next, how to get out the car before. One week before the opening round, Ueno and Kasai Katherine gave advice and changed the way of entering the corner.
I think it was a victory that worked well around that. There was no big gap in this course, but the wheel which can endure on the dry road surface at the 4th and 2nd speed corner entrance on the dry road surface, the wheel which does not shake even if you apply power at the start, open the accelerator with confidence Was able to change! Thank you! 』

The number of players equipped with work wheels has increased this season, and a heated season is expected.
Please support the world of super technique competition and dirt trial.
Thank you.

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