All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 8 NANO TOP Cup in Takata

イメージ画像The All-Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 8 of the final race of 2017 NANO TOP Cup in Takata celebrated the finals during the summer day of fine weather.

Running full of the thought of Sakurai players (WORK MCO Competition) who want to finish winning the final race anyhow.

It was the WORK MOTOR SPORT SCHOLARSHIP entry user already with the Kawashima player who was already a season champion in the last race and the machine was also Vitz turbo, which was often compared in many seasons.

Time difference with second place only 0.653 seconds! I won the second victory this season and decorated the last game with the finish of the end.

Other WORK Wheel Users' Final War Results
PN 2 class Kawashima 5th place, Sakai player 6th place
K2 class Kageyama 8th place, Miyaji player 17th place, Hamada player 20th place
SA2 class Kamata 2nd place
SC1 class Sato 3rd place, SC2 class Taguchi player 2nd place, Ozeki player 13th place
D class Meguro player 8th

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