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Introducing XTRAP M1HC

イメージ画像Please welcome our classic 3-piece MEISTER M1.
We have redesigned it exclusively for the very popular TOYOTA HIACE.
Introducing the new XTRAP M1HC.

イメージ画像Featuring a 10-cross spoke design and glossy lip in line with the MEISTER M1, this wheel adds a classic, racy style to your HIACE.
Available in sizes to fit vehicles with over fenders as well.

イメージ画像Utilizing a classic, racy step rim.

イメージ画像By designing specifically for HIACE, it allows for the maximum rim depth possible, giving an appearance that could be mistaken for a multi-piece wheel.
The face profile is maintained as flat as possible while ensuring caliper clearance.

イメージ画像By slightly rounding the face profile, it keeps the spokes as long as possible even in 17inch.
Designed to eliminate excess weight, it is lightweight while achieving strength.

イメージ画像The hub area is carefully designed to be as compact as possible, thus retaining the appearance of the original MEISTER M1.
An exclusive center cap and valve stem complete this special HIACE wheel.

イメージ画像■Size: 18inch
■Disk: Hyper Gunmetal
    Diamond Cut Rim





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