2023 JAF All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 8 Dirt Trial in Takata 2nd class dominates the podium! Winner in 3 classes!

イメージ画像2023 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship Round 8 Dirt Trial in Takata was held on October 8th.

The final round, the culmination of the 2023 All Japan Dirt Trial Championship, will see 155 entries, with a total of 28 WORKWHEELS user entries.
In this tournament, where many athletes achieved great results, they occupied the podium in the PNE1 class with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finishes, and in the PN2 class with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finishes.
The winner in the SC1 class and the athlete wearing WORK WHEELS won a spectacular victory!

Below are the results of athletes wearing WORK WHEELS.

PNE1 class:
Winner - Nobuhiko Kasai (YHGC ATS Swift RSK)
2nd place - Noir Shigeo (ADS☆VTX☆DL☆Swift)
3rd place - Fumie Kasai (YH☆ATS Swift @RSK)

PN1 class:
5th place - Yuki Nara (DL Cusco WM Repsol Swift)
13th place - Eiichi Kitahara (YH TEIN FT Cerameta NOTE)
15th place - Hideki Kawashima (DL☆TEIN☆BRIG☆Yaris)

PN2 class:
Winner - Masaaki Hamaguchi (DL Takumi WM Work Swift)
2nd place - Takumi Masuda (Okuyama YH☆FA Swift μ)
3rd place - Takayasu Nakajima (DL Lebros TEIN☆Swift)
4th place - Yoshihiro Tsuruoka (S/DL/Cusco/WM Swift)
6th place - Kenta Aramaki (MAO Kamise DL Takumi Swift)

PN3 class:
3rd place - Passion Sakiyama (DL☆LOVCA☆RR86)
5th place - Takayuki Koseki (RJ2023DLKITBRZ)
7th place - Michihiro Ueno (DL Okuyama T Galle GR Nara 86)
8th place - Hideaki Sato (DL/KIT/BRZ-AT)
10th place - Takaaki Sakurai (BRID DL/ATS/GR86)
11th place - Ryomotokai (One's Turn SPM86)
12th place - Tsuyoshi Fukuda (Rabuka TOF Tein GR Fukuroi 86)
13th place - Takashi Yumoto (late elderly BRZ)

N class:
2nd place - Hiroyuki Yamoto (Kappa ZEAL Yakko YH Lancer)
9th place - Akihisa Kadomina (Aion DL Lancer)
10th place - Fumio Kawata (DL ZEAL Yaris GR4)

SA1 class:
4th place - Kazuho Kitano (Sunoko WORK505 Swift)

SA2 class:
7th place - Takayuki Hamada (DL Cusco itzz Hamaji Lancer)
11th place - Shinjiro Suzuki (Ocelot Dunlop Lancer)

SC1 class:
Winner - Jinto Yamazaki (YH Max Genshin Mirage)

SC2 class:
2nd place - Kazuya Sakata (DL Global Lancer)
13th place - Yoshinori Kumakawa (Zapper DL Wako's Lancer)

*All racers are equipped with WORK M.C.O RACING type GV wheels.

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support this season.
Although we only have the All-Star Game left, we appreciate your continued support throughout the season.

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